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Mosquito Control in Harrisburg NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mosquitoes really that bad for us?

The mosquito is an important part of our ecosystem but can present danger to humans and pets as it is a transmitter of potentially life threatening diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis, Malaria, Heart Worm for dogs, and others.

Why do Mosquitoes bite?

Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals as they need the nutrients found in a blood meal to produce eggs.

Do Mosquitoes fly far?

Most mosquitoes found around the home tend to not to travel very far from their breeding area (less than 300ft).  In extreme circumstances they can fly many miles in search of a blood meal.

How long do Mosquitoes live?

Generally the adult female mosquito can live 2-3 weeks.  Some species that over-winter in shelter areas have been known to live for up to 6 months.

Do Bug Zappers work?

Although it may sound like your zapper is killing some bugs, studies have shown these are not effective mosquito control methods.  In fact, the results from these studies indicate less than 1% of the mosquitoes killed by a bug zapper were females which happen to be the sex that bites humans and pets!

Will I get Mosquitoes in my bird bath?

Any standing water is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Why do Mosquitoes always bite me?

The Carbon Dioxide emitted from humans and pets during breathing is considered the biggest attractant for mosquitoes.  In addition, other factors such as human body odor and heat aid a female mosquito in locating a potential blood meal.

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Mosquito Control in Harrisburg NC