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Mosquito Control in Harrisburg NC



Our Mosquito control solution will protect your family and pets from unwanted Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Fleas


Mosquito Patrol uses a safe and effective formula specially designed to remove these insects from your yard and create a protective barrier keeping your family mosquito free all season long.  If you love the outdoors but don’t love those annoying bugs, call now and ask us about our special season packages!

The team at Mosquito Patrol is committed to helping those families that live in the Lake Norman, Harrisburg, Concord, and greater Charlotte, NC area to experience a safe and enjoyable outdoor season.  Our staff will provide the most courteous and personal service you deserve.  We focus on keeping your family and pets safe, healthy, and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors this season.

Mosquito Patrol’s unique mosquito control treatment will safely eliminate pests from your property and allow you to take back your outdoor space!

We proudly serve the Lake Norman, Charlotte, Concord, and Harrisburg NC areas.


Let us Patrol your yard today!


Mosquito Control Harrisburg NC

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